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bites like buffy

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favorite outfits: caroline forbes (season 3)


(Dawn AU: “I mean, no offence, but you’re like the worst vampire ever.”)

Sarah Michelle Gellar | Public Appearances 2013


Charmed moments that made me wanna rip my own heart out

in this one you can actually hear patty’s heart breaking

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Things are about to get very interesting

ten favourite btvs episodeswho are you?

no, i mean… i don’t think she’s … her. a person’s energy has a flow, a unity. buffy’s was fragmented; it grated, like something forced in where it doesn’t belong. plus she was kinda mean.

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that’s your way to a vampire’s heart.


Cordelia Chase | BTVS Season 3

Damon + quote

BTVS S06E04 Flooded

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